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Negative rates fly in the face of the basic principles of the global financial system – namely if you lend money for longer you should see a higher rate of return.

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on-the-fly and deducted from their cryptocurrency wallet. Other providers like Coinbase offer a prepaid debit card, which is entirely backed by cryptocurrencies.

7 Aug 2020.

Trending Bitcoin News and Market Sentiment, Weekly Edition, 7th August 2020: Bitcoin Metrics Fly, Crypto Sentiment Peaks, Crypto Mum Till.

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Looks like Germany is ready to take flight into the crypto space as well

Usd Struggle Continues 23 Jul 2019. Karen Jones, analyst at Commerzbank, suggests that EUR/USD pair continues to struggle with interim resistance at 1.1285 and again has sold. 20 Jul 2020. The US dollar initially tried to rally against the Japanese yen but continues to see the same area as major resistance, in the form of the ¥107.50. UN

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