Precious Metal Pounding Continues

28 Jan 2020.

Mini interest rates and geopolitical uncertainties support gold price; Silver still.

Most precious metal prices will continue to rise in the new year,

Retail long bias in oil jumps into heavy long territory, gold and silver bias unchanged. Safe haven was in for a retreat.

Fed’s Powell * SPDR gold holdings hit seven-year highs * Palladium up 3% * For an interactive graphic tracking the global coronavirus spread, open in an external browser By Brijesh Patel May 18.

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The precious metals continue to climb to higher pricing - 05/29/202020 Jan 2020.

And that shortfall looks set to continue, with South Africa, which produces around 40% of the world's supply, last week saying its output of.

The Gold/Silver ratio reached a new record high in March when silver tanked. The ratio has now dropped below the 100 level as.

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28 Oct 2019.

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